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Detailed information about the 2019 Forum is not yet available but will be posted in the future. Please review the information from the 2018 Forum for a look at the quality of instructors, teaching, and content that will be available in the 2019 Workshops.


All European Leadership Forum participants have the opportunity to attend one or two workshops each day of the Forum. 

Post-Luncheon Workshops are optional and are conducted from 14:45-16:00.

Afternoon Workshops are conducted each day from 16:15 to 17:30.

In 2018, the Workshops programme will feature several Workshops will feature FOCL Talks.  These are highlighted in blue cells in the table belowWhat is a FOCL Talk?


How to Sign Up

Step 1 – Review the Post-Luncheon Workshops and Afternoon Workshops below.  When you click on a link in the table, it will take you to the Workshop summary on the speaker's page, so you can see all of his or her speaking topics. You will find the speaker's bio at the top of each linked page.

Step 2 - Once you have decided which Workshops you would like to attend, log back into your registration account using the link below ("Sign up here"), and click OK. You will need the confirmation number you received when you originally registered for the ForumNote that summaries can also be found in the registration form, too.

Step 3 - Once you have signed back in to your account:

  • Click the yellow Modify button which can be found a little below the middle of the page on the left.
  • Click Next at the bottom right of the page until you reach the Registration Items section of your account.
  • Choose which sessions you'd like to attend. 

Sign up here

The deadline for signing up is April 16

2018 Post-Luncheon Workshops






Pastoral Answers to Life’s Questions

FOCL Talk 1: How Do I Manage My Life God’s Way?

FOCL Talk 2: How Does Manifesting the Fruit of the Spirit Change Me?

Jim Cecy





FOCL Talk 1: How Do I Engage People Who Object to the Truth of the Gospel?

FOCL Talk 2: How Do I Become a Global Christian?

Jim Cecy















Spiritual Growth

Five Ways to Influence the Personal Bible Habits of Others

Peter Mead

Glorious Transformation: One Key Ingredient for Spiritual Health

Peter Mead


Why Atheism is Irrational: The Fatal Weakness in Atheists' Armor

Charles White

Imagination and Arguments in Apologetics

Bruce Little

Church Planting

From Traditional Denomination to Church-Planting Movement: A Personal Journey

Martin Robinson

M4: A Systematic Training of Church Planters and Teams

Øivind Augland

Caring for Others


Interacting with God and Others

Lori Pritchard

Strategies for Organisational Leadership

How to Maintain Gifted Staff Who Do Not Easily Fit into Organisational Structures

Ramez Atallah

Principles for Firing Staff in Christian Organisations

Ramez Atallah

Apologetic Methods

Five Apologetic Questions That Every Christian Should Know How to Answer

Pasi Turunen

The Apologetic Method of Dorothy L. Sayers

Amy Orr-Ewing

Understanding and Responding to the Sexual Revolution

Revolution: How Can Christians Survive the Sexual Freedom Narrative Enveloping Our Culture?

Glynn Harrison

How to Tell Our Better Story: The Bible, Sex, and Human Flourishing

Glynn Harrison

Theology and Truth

Why is Apostolic Authority So Important?

Adam Szabados

The Gospel and the Mind: Recovering and Shaping the Intellectual Life

Brad Green

Perspectives on Leadership

Women at Work: Cultivating a Career and a Relationship with God

Margunn Serigstad Dahle

How to Lead Effectively in the 21st Century

Nola Leach

Communicating Christianity in the Public Square

The Challenges and Opportunities for Engagement in the Public Square

Nola Leach

How to Communicate the Christian Worldview in the Public Square

Espen Ottosen

Relational Wisdom


Empathy: A Key to Deeper and Stronger Relationships

Chip Zimmer

Using Fascination with Emotional Intelligence as a Doorway to Evangelism

Chip Zimmer

Leadership and Trusting God

Voice Recognition: How Can You Have the Assurance of Direction in Ministry?

Ann Blaser

The Art of Pain in Leadership

Evi Rodemann

Strengthening Weaknesses in the Church

Hospitality: The Lost Virtue of a 21st Century Church

Jelena Sivulka

Learning Communities: Creating Collaborative Results and Innovative Educational Environments

Tom McGehee



2018 Afternoon Workshops






Overcoming Stress and Anxiety

Soul Care of a Leader

Jelena Sivulka

FOCL Talk 1: What Makes Us Anxious? And Is It Wrong?

FOCL Talk 2: Extreme Forms of Anxiety

Richard Winter

Finding Peace in the Grip of Stress

Emoke Tapolyai

FOCL Talk 1: The Reality of Anxiety in a Fallen World: Biblical Wisdom

FOCL Talk 2: Common Grace Remedies for Anxiety

Richard Winter

Communication and Collaboration

The Blind Spot of the Church: Why and How to Talk in Church about Money

Bert den Hertog

Five Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Marketing Communication

Keith Ogorek

The Most Effective Strategies in Public Speaking to Wow Your Audience

Khaldoun Sweis

FOCL Talk 1: How to Build Lifelong Relationships

FOCL Talk 2: The Three Big Mistakes that Prevent Success

Jerry Twombly

Studying the Scriptures

How Do You Find Christ in the Scriptures?

Leif Nummela

FOCL Talk 1: The Evidence of the Gospels for the Teaching of Jesus

FOCL Talk 2: Why Only Four Gospels?

Dirk Jongkind

The Gospels You Do Not Know: Evaluating the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Judas

Dirk Jongkind

How the Bible Came Together

Dirk Jongkind


Christianity and Science

Souls or Salamanders? Which Would Jesus Choose?

Ed Brown

Christianity and the New Biotechnologies

Peter Saunders

Who is Afraid of Scientists? How a Non-Scientist Can Help Scientists Believe in God

Alexander Fink and Peter Imming

The Wonder of Hearing

Andy McIntosh

Being an Effective Leader

Leadership Succession Plan that Helps to Build the Organisation

Henryk Krol

Opportunity Spotting: Five Quick Steps to Spotting Hidden Potential

Bobb Biehl

Decade by Decade

Bobb Biehl

Brain-Storming Checklist: Helping You and Your Team Imagine What Your Future Could Be

Bobb Biehl

Spiritual Battles and Emotional Health

Surviving the Spiritual Battle of Ministry

Ed Doepel


Real Relationships: How to Speak Openly in Your Church

Ed Welch

Spiritual Warfare

Scott Moreau

What Everyone Should Know About Anger

Ed Welch

Understanding Islam and the Global Church

Understanding and Evaluating Claims Made About Islam’s History in Europe

Beth Grove

Jesus vs. Muhammad

Hatun Tash

Speaking like Jesus: How to Share Your Faith with a Muslim

Fouad Masri

State of the Gospel: A Global Church, Global Missions, and Global Leadership

Nana Yaw Offei Awuku

Evaluating Roman Catholic and Evangelical Theology

Four Theological Mistakes of Roman Catholicism Related to the Sacraments

Leonardo De Chirico

The Four Biggest Theological Mistakes that Evangelicals are Making Today

Michael Reeves

Mother of God? A Biblical View of Mary

Leonardo De Chirico interviewed by Michael Reeves

An Evangelical Assessment of Karl Barth

Michael Reeves

Discipleship and Evangelism

De-Conversion: Why People Leave the Christian Faith – and (Re)Turn to It

Paul Copan

What Am I Missing? How Do I Make Disciples Who Make Disciples?

John Musselman

One to One: Vital to Evangelism in This Age of Biblical Ignorance

Richard Borgonon

Evangelism, Discipleship, and Leadership Development: Is There Any Connection?

Josef Pavlinak

Major Topics in Apologetics

Apologetics Based on the Value of Human Life

Richard Weikart

C.S. Lewis’s Big Ideas

Jerry Root

A Loving God AND Judgment & Hell: Isn’t That a Glaring Contradiction?

Stefan Gustavsson

Defending Early High Christology with Archaeology & New Testament Letters

Peter S. Williams

Organisational Leadership

Entrepreneurial Leadership in Christian Ministry

Jeremy Peckham

Sins That Wreck Ministries

John Stevens

Old Habits or New Vision: Leading Change in a Traditional Organisation

Oyvind Asland

Building an Effective Organisation

John Stevens

Suffering and the Problem of Evil

Why is God Silent in the Face of Evil? 7 Lessons Learned from the Death of My Son

Khaldoun Sweis

Facing Death: how Do We Deal with Suffering and Death

Jeremy Marshall

How to Address the Problem of Evil and Suffering Without Sounding Too Philosophical

Pasi Turunen

The Book of Job

Jerry Root

Church and Ministry Leadership

The 80/20 Rule of Ministry

Larry Anderson

The Vision and Strategy of Church Revitalisation

David Brown

How Do You Create an Event with Impact?

Evi Rodemann

Why Has the Evangelical Church in France Grown by 1,000%?

David Brown

Intergenerational Ministry

Family on Mission: How to Increase Your Kingdom Impact by Going from Parents in Ministry to Family on Mission

Dave Patty

Understanding Today’s Teenagers and How to Reach Them

Terry English

Generational and Intergenerational Mission

 David Hilborn

Pastoral Care for Young People

Paul Bowman

Understanding and Engaging Culture

Truth, Identity, and Morality: Tweens, TV Shows, and the Gospel

Anne Solfrid Brennhovd

Queer Theory on the Rise

Olof Edsinger

Learning from Science: Setting the Cultural Agenda

Kay Carter

How to Navigate a Fake News World

Tony Watkins


Family, Marriage, and Singleness

Understanding and Overcoming the Orphan Spirit in Our Generation

Steven Weber

The Challenge of Singleness

Marek Macak

Solid Love in a Liquid Society: Nourishing Your Marriage

Pablo Martinez

Talking with Young People about Sex

Dave Patty

Christianity and Society

Christians and Social Justice: Lessons from the Life of William Wilberforce

Peter Saunders

The Amazing Power of History to Make a Difference Today

Daryl McCarthy

Jesus-Shaped Cultures: The Historical Impact of the Gospel

Paul Copan

Communicating the Christian Perspective on the Sexual Revolution: Principles and Practical Examples

Glynn Harrison and Peter Saunders

Arts and Christianity

Why is Our Music So Bad? Called to Be Creators, Not Imitators

Delta David Gier

Open Art Studio

Breaking the Jar: Art’s Untapped Potential in the Evangelical Church

Liviu Mocan and Jonathan Tame


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