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Bible Teachers and Preachers: Advanced

2019 European Bible Teachers and Preachers Network: Advanced Track

The church is always at its healthiest where there is a passion for the preaching of God’s Word.  Across the world there is a growing movement of church leaders and lay preachers who are committed to biblical, clear, engaging, and relevant Bible teaching and preaching.  This movement transcends denominations and brings together people with a passion to feed the church and spread the Gospel through effective presentation of God’s Word.

This year’s Bible Teachers and Preachers Network will again be split into two levels. Each level will incorporate the dynamics of a learning community to enable participants to learn together and grow together as Bible teachers.  Both levels are driven by a commitment to understanding not only the mechanics of Bible teaching and preaching, but also the theological heartbeat of effective ministry.  They will share a passion for practical training as well as a determination to understand the Word and expound it clearly, relevantly, and engagingly in our European context.  

ALL those who teach the Bible, (whether in a local church setting, on university campuses, or elsewhere, whether from the pulpit or not), are welcome to join us.  While the primary focus will be on pulpit preaching, the principles of handling and communicating the Bible will apply in multiple ministry contexts.  

The Advanced Track in 2019 will focus on preaching Galatians.  It is for those who have either attended a previous European Bible Teachers and Preachers Network, participated in the Year-Round Mentoring preachers track, a Cor Deo preaching course, or a Langham Preaching seminar in Europe.  If a participant has not already attended one of these but has studied preaching or bible teaching at a seminary or bible school and has experience teaching regularly in a church, they can apply for the Advanced Track by emailing

Prior preparation will be set for all applicants.



Peter Mead is the director of Cor Deo, a ministry training programme in Chippenham, England. He is also part of the leadership team of Trinity Chippenham, a church Peter helped to plant back in 2014.  Peter is a lecturer for Union School of Theology.  He studied at Multnomah Biblical Seminary before getting his Doctor of Ministry degree under Haddon Robinson at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in the area of expository preaching. Peter is the author of Pleased to Dwell, Lost in Wonder, and Foundations (Christian Focus) as well as Galatians and John's Letters (10Publishing), and the preaching blog:  He is married to Melanie and they have six children.




Ramez Atallah was born in Cairo, Egypt and emigrated with his family to Canada when he was sixteen.  He came to know the Lord through a local church in Montreal and was discipled as a student through the Inter-Varsity group at McGill University. From 1972 to 1980 he developed and directed the ministry of the Groupes Bibliques Universitaires du Quebec. In 1980 along with his wife and two children he returned to Egypt, where he became the IFES Regional Secretary for the Middle East. He attended the first Lausanne Congress and was appointed as a youth representative to the Lausanne Committee in 1975.  He served on the Committee from 1974 to 1994.  In 2006 he rejoined Lausanne as Program Chairman for Lausanne III Cape Town Congress.  After the Congress, he was appointed as one of the Deputy Chairs of the Lausanne Movement until 2015. Since 1990 he has been the General Secretary of the Bible Society of Egypt, the position he still holds until now. 



Ovidiu Tiprigan is the training director of Veritas College Romania, an organisation that empowers churches to train their own leaders in biblical exegesis and preaching. He gained a bachelor's and a master's degree in theology. He is trying to help churches in Central and Eastern Europe to preach expository series through books of the Bible. He also teaches Bible seminars in such countries as Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, and Kosovo. 


Fraser Kay has been Pastor of North Swindon Baptist Church for the last 10 years. Before then he was teaching within Christian Education. While he did some basic seminary training in his early twenties, his main learning has been ‘on the job’ in the rigours of ministry. He and his wife, Casey, have been married 21 years and his bio would not be complete without referring to her faithful partnership with him in the gospel. They have 2 children, one of them in adulthood now. Fraser’s passion is preaching to see men and women behold Jesus Christ and his kingdom, being transformed as they grow in relationship with Him.



Day 1

Paul and the Galatians: Background and Story
Peter Mead

We have thirteen epistles from the Apostle Paul, but none of them are quite as strong as his letter to the Galatians.  What had happened that led to Paul penning such a heartfelt message to them?  In Galatians Paul defends his own ministry and the gospel itself.  This will be a letter that challenges us, encourages us, motivates us and hopefully helps us as preachers of the Gospel in the 21st Century!

The Man & The Ministry: Lessons for Us
Peter Mead, Fraser Kay and Ovidiu Tiprigian

In the first two chapters of Galatians, Paul defends his own apostleship, and his message.  We will study the opening of the letter together in groups and consider the significance of this extended biographical section for us in our ministries today.


Day 2

The Clash of Covenants
Peter Mead

At the heart of the clash between Paul and his opponents in Galatia was a clash over the covenants.  In this session we will examine the text, clarify the issues and ponder the implications for contemporary preaching ministries.  How does Galatians relate to biblical preaching and teaching ministries today when we do not have Judaizers seeking to promote circumcision in our churches?

Interview with Ramez Atallah (Combined with Foundational Track)
hosted by Peter Mead

Ramez Atallah is a preacher with great experience of biblical ministry in many settings and cultures.  This combined session with both Bible Teachers Networks will offer a unique opportunity to hear and learn from Ramez Atallah as he talks about the Bible, ministry and how God wants to work through us all in our various settings.

Day 3

Galatians Preaching Exercise
Ovidiu Tiprigan and Fraser Kay

In this session we will work in groups to further develop our understanding of Galatians as we look at the applicational section in chapters five and six of Galatians.  Together we will wrestle with how to be preachers who “keep in step with the Spirit” and bear “the fruit of the Spirit” as well as how we should be preaching this part of Paul’s message to our hearers.

Galatians: An Epistle for our Time
Peter Mead

In this final session looking at the text of Galatians, we will continue to consider the final section of the epistle and then hear the epistle as a whole, before we work in groups to pull together our understanding of Galatians.   


Day 4

Under Attack: Message and Messenger
Peter Mead, Ovidiu Tiprigan, Fraser Kay

Paul was not the last minister of the Gospel to feel like he was under attack.  In light of our time in Galatians, we will think together about various angles of attack and how we should respond to them.   

The Preacher (Combined with Foundational Network)
Peter Mead, Ovidiu Tiprigian, Mike Chalmers 

Preaching is not only about the message, but it is also about the messenger.  In this final session we will engage with three different aspects of the life and ministry of the preacher, allowing what we hear to provoke our thinking as a learning community.  Finally, we will use some of the session to conclude the week and reflect on the journey we have been on during these days.




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